I am original jewelry designer that designs jewelry from the heart, since 1995 . I am 44 years old

I graduated WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education.  I manufacture my jewelry in my studio in Zichron Ya'akov in Israel.

Designing and crafting jewelry is my great delight.

I sculpt my jewelry from wax

I chose to use wax because it allows me to express what comes out of my heart and allows me to create from it everything that comes out of my imagination

I am very attached to elements of nature such as leaves and flowers and all amorphous and sculptural forms

It gives me a sense of freedom and space

My jewelry is very delicate and comfortable to wear

But on the other hand with a lot of presence and there will always be someone who will pay attention to them

They are suitable for events as well as for a regular day and for work. For customers who want one-of-a kind rings, necklaces or earrings that truly express their individual style
I will be happy to help just let me know what you have in mind

There is no greater happiness for me than hearing happy customers who like to wear my jewelry.