Matching the jewelry to the cleavage type

  • Cove-shaped cleavage

The lateral cleavage emphasizes the collarbone and shoulders, so it is best to combine with it a correct chain that emphasizes on the one hand the opening, and on the other hand will not overload

I recommend a long chain

Also delicate and short chains with a small pendant, or without a pendant at all can fit.


  • V neckline

Choosing a flattering necklace for the v neckline depends on the depth of the cleavage (how high or low)

High v neckline - will happily connect to a short chain that "falls" in the shape of V to the neckline, but not below it, creating harmony with the shape of the cleavage

Deep and low v neckline I recommend a long chain, which hangs down three fingers and up from the top of the collarbone, or a short chain that dresses well on the chest

A large chain with presence will fit in too, which will not swallow deep in the cleavage

For a look with a special twist - choose a long chain that falls in a round shape, and breaks the V-triangle of the cleavage. Y-shaped necklaces

(several V-necklaces with a pendant falling in the middle) will look great with a deep V neckline

For a classic look, choose a long, delicate chain with a special pendant


  • Round neck cleavage

Is one of the most common and easiest to reveal. You can boast a short chain that will accentuate the neck, or a long string that reaches above the navel.

Avoid a chain that reaches the length of the cleavage line or whose pendant is stuck in the cleavage itself (and sometimes gets caught or goes under the shirt) - it never looks good.

Necklaces with round gemstones will look great as well as short chains with a rounded fall that creates a harmonic repetition with the curved line of round neckline shape


  • Buttoned shirt

The classic and feminine look is a combination with a pearl chain to the chest area.

For a more modern look, you can combine a long pearl necklace above the navel!

Be sure to choose a chain that will not get stuck or flipped between them.

A short dominant chain with a presence and a fashionable statement can turn your look into a chic and cool office woman


  • Strapless cleavage

If you can afford to wear strapless, you can afford to flaunt a dominant jewel with a presence and a statement that will focus attention on the cleavage area. For a gentler look, you can use a long chain, wrap it several times and create a special layer look

For a 'clean' look, you can give up the chain at all and get yourself attached to hanging earrings

Like chandelier earrings

If you win the neck of a swan, you can also provide streples with a neckline collar that will simultaneously accentuate your neckline and shoulders and give you a long neckline, princess and feminine


  • Round neckline and close to the neck

The only option to combine high and low cleavage jewelry is to choose a long and spills chain

A long chain of links or a chain of floors will fit, which folds several times.

But note - the first circle must be relatively low, below the collarbone

It is important to choose a fine chain rather than a dominant chain, so as not to burden the mirror


  • Collar cleavage

Here you can give up the necklace, but you can order delicate, long or tight earrings.

If you still insist on a chain, I recommend that you keep the chain up to half the height between the neck and the garment, because the neckline delineates the cleavage area.

If the collar straps are thick, choose a thin or delicate chain and not too dominant


  • Asymmetrical cleavage or garment with one shoulder

You can give up the chain at all, because the interesting asymmetrical shape of the neckline competes with the chain.

Chandelier earrings or studded earrings will do the job

If you insist on a chain, it must be attached to your neck