Matching jewelry to clothing color

When choosing a jewel for the color of clothing it is important to create a contrast between the colors

  1. The blue outfit will fit silver jewelry combined with the red Garnet stone or the white pearl
  2. For a green outfit, choose the Garnet or the Red Agate

Which will create an unforgettable combination

  1. For a yellow outfit it is recommended to combine the black Onyx, the purple amethyst or the green peridot
  2. For the red dress you are advised to combine gold jewelry and if the black onyx stone is attached you will get a powerful look and you can be sure that you will receive many glances and compliments
  3. For the black colored outfit it is recommended to combine the white pearl or the blue topaz


How to fit jewelry to your bridal dress


When you buy the jewelry, it is best to match them to the bride's dress so that they match the style and color

To make sure that the chain, for example, fits the neck key of the dress, you should wear a shirt with a similar neck key when you are measuring chains

If you wear a strapless dress at the wedding, you can try to give up a necklace and wear long hanging earrings

A V-neck dress will fit a slender necklace with a small pendant, and if you wear a high-necked dress, just hang on a chain and add accessories to your hair.


It is also a good idea to match the material from which the jewelry is made to the color of the dress

A white dress goes great with pearl or silver jewelry

The Off-White dress is very suitable for gold and silver jewelry

And an ivory-colored dress would look great with gold jewelry