Match earrings to the interior structure

  1. Round face

  In order to create a balance, we prefer long, narrow earrings that have created the illusion of a longer structure, even those with angles that will break the round mirror

It is best to avoid hoops, small button / pearl earrings that may create a larger, round face

  1. Oval face

Oval is considered the ideal interior structure, since it is very balanced. Therefore all types of earrings can fit3. Square face

In order to soften the sharp angles in the jaw, it is better to have something more round like hoops and if we do not want to emphasize the jaw line it is better to have an earring that is shorter or longer than the jaw line

  1. Long face

These faces are longer than wide and in order to balance we want to add a little width and without emphasizing the length.

Therefore the best recommended are the big shoemakers, hoops and anything that adds volume. While it is better not to be long and narrow

  1. Face in reverse triangle structure / heart

In this structure, the forehead is wide and the jaw is pointed and narrow, and in order to create a balance, something round, oval, or something in the shape of A is preferable to something spitzy, or pointed at the tip



Match gemstones for the months of the year


Throughout history, people have assigned different stones to different periods of the year.

These associations ultimately led to the connection of the various gems to the months of the year and from there to the dates of birth.

The use of the term "zodiac signs" in accordance with the dates of birth became widespread in Europe in the 18th century.

There are many different lists of gemstones according to zodiac signs, which belong to different stones for the months of the year (or zodiac signs)

  1. January - Garnett
  2. February - Amethyst
  3. March - Aquamarine, Bladstone
  4. April - Diamond
  5. May - Emerald
  6. June - Pnina, Moonstone, Alexandrite
  7. July - Ruby
  8. August - Peridot
  9. September - Sapphire
  10. October - Opal, pink tourmaline
  11. November - Topaz, Citrine
  12. December - turquoise, zircon